Focused and committed to your child’seducational development


We are dedicated to providing your children with the essential tools necessary for them to succeed in the world. We aim to ingrain in them Christian values to live by for the rest of their lives.

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Curriculum Focus

Classic Montessori information is thoroughly documented in all programs. Additionally, we have enriched each course with contemporary ideas and activities that complement the Montessori Method and are a proven benefit to a child’s Montessori education.

Our Montessori distance education programs are flexible and manageable. With just three hours of study time per week, our students can successfully complete their Montessori Infant/Toddler (birth to 3 years) or Montessori Preschool/Kindergarten (ages 3 to 6) diploma program within seven months. Students can complete their Elementary programs within nine months with just four hours of study time per week (Lower Elementary) or five hours per week (Upper Elementary).

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